Come and train with us at the BodyByJR Gym

Do you live local to Basildon, Essex? If so you can join us at the BodyByJR HQ gym. We are an official Hyrox partner gym and we now offer Small Group Personal Training.

Small Group PT

So what is SGPT?

BodyByJR was established by Jordan and Ray, both highly accomplished personal trainers in and around the surrounding areas of Basildon, Essex.

After achieving remarkable results for a decade with clients from top-notch training and support, we have a community on the path to accomplishing their goals.

Our Small Group Personal Training is a personalised approach to fitness coaching designed to focus on:



Far too many fitness offerings are just a huge waste of time, money and EFFORT. They are not proven by science and most do not shift the needle the way exercise should do. If you want incredible results you need to follow a proven strength-training plan and guess what, in order to follow a great strength programme you need an expert coach to help you every step of the way. That is where we have you covered.



This is the biggest rock where most trainers, gyms and certainly no app can solve for you. Nutrition is so intertwined with our behaviours. In order to truly get great results, you need a coach in your corner who can help you with better food choices for your goals, for your lifestyles and for the future YOU.

Guess what, we have you covered here too.



Here comes the game-changer! This is the ultimate key to success. Without someone or something to hold you accountable, reaching your goals becomes nearly impossible.

This is where our coaches really shine. They will guide you, support you and hold you accountable to following through on your commitments. They will even go the extra mile to track your progress and reach out if you miss a session. Just imagine having someone firmly in your corner. With that level of support, your chances of success skyrocket.

BBJR Community

The Bonus One… Community

You won’t know it now but one day you will. Being part of our community will allow you to feel a part of something really special. It will be the reason you are not intimidated by the gym. It will be the real reason why you show up and it will allow you to become the version of yourself you never thought was possible.

Book in your call today to get started at our gym with our signature 6-Week Challenge. Below is what is included in your 6-weeks with us:

1-1 Consultation

Bespoke training tailored to you

Personal Training sessions at BODYBYJR

1-1 nutrition coaching

Weekly accountability consultations

Access to our weekend team training session

See you on the dance floor!

Where you'll be working out...

The BodyByJR gym is a fully equipped facility, offering all the necessary kit. We are constantly adding to and improving our setup.

BodyByJR Gym

BodyByJR Gym

BodyByJR Gym

BodyByJR Gym

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